iSpin Technology

Invented 2004 by DTU professor Troel Frjis Pedersen and made fit for serial application in wind turbines by ROMO Wind the iSpin Spinner Anemometer Technology allows measurement of wind quantities like wind speed, yaw misalignment, flow inclination and turbulence directly at the spinner using ultrasonic anemometer. iSpin is  using the rotational symmetric shape of the wind turbine spinner to catch the wind nearly unaffected of the rotor blade and unaffected of the nacelle.


Basic iSpin Measurement Principle

iSpin can be used according IEC 61400-12-2:2013 for power curve verification of wind turbines. In 2015 IECRE published an ammendment for this standard specifying the procedure to calibrate the iSpin sensors in wind tunnels (CHS001). A detailled report about the uncertainties involved in iSpin based power curve verifications was prepared by DTU and can be received on demand.

Comparison of power curve generated with different wind measurement systems (iSpin is showing 30% less scatter than met mast)

Since 2011 ROMO Wind provides services around the measurement data captured with the iSpin technology. Having started with yaw misalignment measurements the focus nowadays is shifted to the area of performance assessment, monitoring  and comparison . Another field of application recently started is using Spin wind quantities to achieve more accurate estimations for the residual useful life of wind turbines and its components.

Examples of iSpin based evaluations