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  • PTP participation agreement signed with EDPR for 10 V112s and 10 E82s

    By on 25. August 2017

    EDPR and ROMO Wind signed an agreement concerning the participation with two of their wind farms in the Performance...

    Performance Transparency Project
  • More shots on Portugal

    By on 16. August 2017

    The previous described shots were not the only ones made in the project. Also, after the installations have been...

    Performance Transparency Project
  • Installation Portugal

    By on 9. August 2017

    The installation on the semi-complex terrain in Portugal was the focus of our professional photographer, because that wind park...

    Performance Transparency Project
  • Further Installations around Europe

    By on 2. August 2017

    After the offshore installation, further installations in Portugal, Poland and Romania followed on different terrain. After the initial excitement,...

    Performance Transparency Project